Data chart in a hand

Business Intelligence Systems

What are they? BI systems, as they are more commonly known, are a way of easily presenting your business critical data as meaningful information in the palm of your hand.

They come in many flavours and capabilities. They can range from reporting systems using static reports to dynamic dashboards, to address the operational ‘what’s happened so far’ type questions. More complex systems attempt to answer 'what if’ type questions.

There are several software vendors in this field but none of them offer an entirely out of the box solution – because quite frankly they can’t. It’s not a failing on their part, it’s just a fact that every potential user is unique within their own business environment. These products are tools to help you interrogate your data, not an end solution in their own right and you have to tailor them to your own environment to get the maximum out of what they have to offer.

So what can we do? We can help you determine what type of BI solution is right for you, help you select the right tools for your needs and then either build the final solution for you or just assist you in building your own.