Bucket of cleaning materials

Data Cleaning and Consolidation

Where is your data?
Can you retrieve what you want when you want or is your business data scattered all over the place? Do you have too many spreadsheets and/or databases duplicating information that tell you different stories? How reliable is your data? Over time with data categories changing their relevance as your business has moved forward it is not unusual for data to become inconsistent with retrieving enough useful information.

If you need to migrate your data from your existing to a new more effective system you should seriously consider carrying out a data cleansing exercise first.

Let Coltsgate arrange a visit and discuss with you about ways in which we could help clean, consolidate or migrate your data. We can also advise you how to maintain your data in a clean state going forward as there's little point tidying your data if you don't address causes of data inconsistencies in the first place.