System Prototyping

New technology can promise much but doesn't always deliver the benefits that were first envisaged. Sometimes you only know what you want or need at a very high level, which can make defining the full requirements of a new system difficult. Whether you're looking to purchase an off-the-shelf solution or commissioning a bespoke system, an incomplete specification of requirements can be very costly and you could end up with something that does not fulfil your expectations.

Sometimes, you would really like to try it first and then decide whether to make a full commitment.

We can offer a prototyping service whereby a prototype system, or sub system, can be quite quickly assembled in order for you to see how a given system might work for you. This would enable you to compose a detailed set of requirements and gather some metrics, all of which should help you understand what your return on investment might be. It would also highlight any issues which weren’t initially considered as part of your original requirements.